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Ramsay & CO.

My name is Natalia Gogolinski and I am the founder of Ramsay&Co. The name is inspired by beautiful Scotland and my family history, which goes back to the beginnings of the Ramsay Clan and gives a strong clue to the textiles we use in our garments.

The idea of ​​creating my own company was born out of the love for fashion and desire to connect my heritage with the beautiful fabrics and unique patterns loved by women worldwide. My mission is to create a line of sustainable fashions whose core focus is delivering quality and timeless chic based on town and country styling. Each Ramsay&Co garment aspires to be a contemporary hit and future classic at the same time.  

Ramsay&Co. presents an elegant collection of blazers made of 100% Scottish wool. Our belief is that clothes don’t have to be seasonal but timeless, stylish, and suitable for everyday use as well as for special occasions. For us, Slow fashion is not a slogan – it is a mission realised in our garments that are produced to last.

By using highest quality, sustainably produced fabrics and by paying special attention to the entire tailoring process, accessories and details, we provide our clients with long lasting, true hand-made garments.

The history of the presence of Scots in the area of the former Polish-Lithuanian

The history of the presence of Scots in the area of the former Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth dates back to the 16th century and their immigration took place mainly for religious and political reasons. Their presence contributed to the development of trade, industry and the army. Scots settled in Gdańsk, Elbląg, Zamość, Toruń, Kraków and other smaller or larger settlements, supplying the Crown Treasury. Since the beginning of the Scottish settlement, centuries have passed but it should be remembered that the activity of Scottish merchants was significant, especially when it comes to the transport of fabrics such as Scottish and English cloths, which went to Krakow through Gdańsk and Wrocław.

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Beginning of handicraft in poland

However, it should be noted that for centuries Poland has been proud of its handicrafts like tailoring, which dates back to 1282. Even then, attention was paid to the external appearance, starting to look for more sophisticated designs and accessories, combining several colors in one outfit. Tailoring work was done entirely by hand, because the first sewing machine appeared only in the nineteenth century.

Throughout history, it has been very evident how the art of tailoring has changed along with changing fashion trends. Tailoring developed the earliest and fastest in big cities. It was there that tailoring characteristics were created. Unfortunately, the Second World War, communism and the transformation period contributed to the collapse of fabric factories and thus to the closure of craft enterprises.

Restoration of tailoring traditions

The rebuilding of tailoring traditions took many years and we can say that we are currently experiencing its renaissance. To a large extent, the lost passion for things done by hand, with style and “taste” is returning. We are beginning to appreciate Polish crafts and labels with the inscription “Hand-Made in Poland”, which have an increasing value in the world. It should be noted that great Polish tailors are already sewing clothes for the most demanding markets. Our mission is to make Polish tailoring famous in constantly developing global trends, in which fashion, style, uniqueness and class play the most important role, and these elements can be found in our collection, Ramsay & Co.

Why Ramsay?

Natalia, founder of Ramsay & Co. half-Polish and half-Scottish created a company that represented her family origin, culture, timelessness and tradition. Being a modern descendant of the Ramsay clan, it was natural for the company not only to display the historical name of the clan but also the name that will last until the day of passing from one generation to the next.

Scottish Textiles – Polish Craft

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