Our Brand

Ramsay & Co. was created out of the love for Scotland, fashion and sustainability

Cooperation with Scotland

In Scotland, we work with leading suppliers of tartans, who for years have been known for the quality and uniqueness of the offered materials around the world.

Ramsay & Co

Being a modern descendant of the Ramsay clan, it was natural for the name of the company to be not only the historical name of the clan but also the name that has survived to the present day passing from generation to generation.

Natalia Gogolinski

Why Ramsay?

Natalia, founder of Ramsay & Co. being half Polish and half Scottish, she created a company that represents her family origin, culture, timelessness and tradition.

Ramsay & Co

Our Mission

Ramsay& Co. presents an elegant collection of blazers made of 100% Scottish wool. Each color set with a specific arrangement on the loom is assigned to a specific Scottish clan or region. The overriding goal of Ramsay & Co is the belief that clothes don’t have to be only seasonal. They are to be timeless, stylish, and suitable for everyday use as well as for special occasions. For us, Slow fashion is not a slogan – it is a mission that we implement and oppose to the global overproduction of clothes.

Ramsay Red

You can wear our jackets for formal meetings or, in combination with jeans, to create the perfect outfit for ``Casual Friday``. We create beautiful and timeless articles that will emphasize your individuality.

Scottish Textiles


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